Thursday, 23 January 2014

Goddess Selena

goddess selina latex

Goddess Selena looks amazing in this clip as she beats her slave hard, because the guy thinks he can go out with her sister. Selena shows him who is the boss and who is the bitch. See this and more at Venus Girls.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Riley - Brutal Ballbusting

Riley mixes sensual teasing with vicious fury in this awesome ballbusting clip from Brat Princess.

riley ballbusting

Riley has taken a confused slave out of a cage for some fun. Riley loves to mix pleasure and pain. She loves to tease males to erections by stroking and teasing. Then she likes to kick them. She tells the male that he has to keep his legs open when she kicks its balls or she will grab and squeeze the balls hard. She tells the slave to keep its legs open and begins to kick. She stops kicking and uses her amazing ass to tease the slave. She loves to tease and then punch or slap its balls. Riley does not like to be told what to do. She will kick as long and as hard as she wants. The male makes the mistake of telling Riley what to do. This gets Riley angry. She will kick him as hard as she wants! The tone of this video is very sensual. Lots of teasing mixed with vicious kicks and punches. Riley was in charge and this is what she loves to do in real life. Tease and then destroy the balls with kicks and punches. The slave is eventually put in a leg spreader. Now he is completely helpless. He is handcuffed to a pole with a leg spreader. Riley is having fun! Her boots look so hot but they are so painful for the slave. The slave lasted quite a while but in the end the clip ended from a kick that caused damage which exceeded C4S rules. Riley enjoys inspecting the damage at the end.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Goddess Raven Ballbusting

Goddess Raven looks stunning in this ballbusting clip. Its so hard to ever say no to a girl as hot as this. Guys are never going to stop her from doing whatever she wants. She just too bratty, too sexy...

Goddess Raven ballbusting

Ravens Ballbusting Prisoner

Raven is keeping a slave prisoner as punishment. He is shackled up in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor for all of Us to kick whenever We feel like it. So We decide to take advantage of the helpless slave. He is shackled using handcuffs with his hands high above his head and he has his legs spread apart by this awesome new SPREADER bar that Goddess Raven got to use on slaves so their balls are always COMPLETELY exposed to Our kicks- no matter how hard We kick them!

In this clip We just go to town on its balls and there is nothing it can do about it! LOL We even tease it once in awhile, getting nice n close to it...and then SLAM! A knee right up into its groin! LOL And the really funny thing is this loser actually gets HARD from Our kicks into it balls!! I guess maybe ANY attention from US for a SLAVE is exciting to them?? Pathetic...see Goddess Raven at Miami Mean Girls

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Man in Pain : Mistress Skin

Mistress Skin is giving her slaves balls a severe pummeling. A ballbusting he will never forget.

mistress skin ballbusting

Man in Pain Mistress Skin doesn't stand for a whimp as her slave and demands that proper training is necessary to toughen him up. Flattering will get him nowhere as Mistress Skin isn't satisfied until her slave learns to love the throbbing pain of his swollen blue balls....see more like this at Femdom Empire

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mistress Elise - Savage Ballbusting

Marvellous excerpts from one of Mistress Elise's videos. This isn't supposed to be a Mistress Elise blog, but it is fast becoming one, so awesome is She.

ballbusting elise ball kicking elise

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Ballbusting Dommes favourite Mistress Elise clips keep coming. I just love her total disrespect for anything with balls.

Mr big balls is back on the scene and his balls are so big and juicy they make easy target practice for my crop and also my powerful legs. As you know all my ball busting clips are the best on the net period. You may ask why but the simple reason is I am simply the hottest ball buster in the history of ball busting, obviously there are other women out there that can kick very hard and some can probably kick harder then I can, but the difference is my accuracy is pretty much 100% accurate every time. that is the difference!! My legs are very powerful. If you doubt this book a session and you will see what my legs can do to your balls. however back to the clip- He is fully restrained and his balls are dangling. i attack them with some violent crop cock slapping, his cock swells up pretty fast and his balls are about to follow suite. I kick his balls with power which obviously cause him lots of severe pain, I lay it on thick in this clip and kick his big balls around like foot balls. The clip is coming to an end so I make him take 10 of my power kicks, and then one for good luck. Enjoy!! Mistress Elise xox

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mistress Tiffany : Lethal Long Legs

It's as if Ballbusting Bitch Mistress Tiffany was built to smash the balls of male slaves

lethal long legs ballbusting

Lethal Long Legs
The statuesque stunner Mistress Tiffany has lethal long legs, men become weak to her presence. Slaves will do anything to get her attention, even entertain her sadistic desire for kicking balls with her leather boots. Mistress Tiffany Tyler loves seeing slaves fall to the ground in pain clutching their sack after she makes impact with a running start ball-kick. Tiffany grabs and squeezes his balls examining the damage she has done, she likes seeing them get more and more bright red after every kick. She delivers hard knees to his groin, slaves in pain makes her so happy. When he falls to the ground doubled over in pain she orders him back up on his feet for more punishment.....see more like this at Femdom Empire